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    Station components: New K3S, Orion 565AT (backup), Alpha 87a, Emtron DX2, TS-2000 (portable/VHF/UHF).

Alpha 87a amp Yaesu GL2800DXA Rotor SteppIR Ant Controller K9AY Rcv Ant Controller Microham MicroKEYER Customized Orion Decoder w Comtek RCAS-8 DX4WIN Logging Software N8LP Tuning Relay Ameritron AWM-30 SWR/Watt Meter Astron RS-35M Power Supply

TOWER CONFIGURATION: Rohn 25 tower with stacked 3-el SteppIRs
Top SteppIR covers 40-6, lower 20-6. Lower SteppIR rotates 110 degrees, covering EU and SA
Reversing elements allow the lower beam to cover a total of 220 degrees
Hung off the tower is a 160m inverted 'L' with 6 raised radials, and an 80m dipole.
Highest antenna is a wide-spaced 5-el 6 meter beam at 100ft
For receive I also use a K9AY and an NE/SW 480ft DX Engineering beverage.