North Cook Island News

This is our basic itinerary. However, please check the bulletins below for more complete news on our expedition.

5 June 97 Equipment staged in Charlotte, NC for testing and preparation for shipping.

14 June 97 Equipment shipped to Oakland, CA for forwarding to Rarotonga.

28 June 97 Equipment departed Oakland via sea freight for Rarotonga.

21 July 97 Equipment arrived in Rarotonga.

28 August 97 Equipment departed Rarotonga for Penrhyn, North Cook.

9 Sept 97 Equipment arrived in Penryhn, North Cook.

17 Sept 97 Team met at LAX, Los Angeles for late evening departure on Air New Zealand flight to Rarotonga.

20 Sept 97 Team departed 0600 hours local time for Penrhyn, North Cook on Air Rarotonga Flight with arrival at 1030 hours local. Operations began late in the day.


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